Our experienced Marine Safety Professionals are your best choice for evaluating and establishing compliance with the requirements of the US Sailing Offshore Special Regulations as adopted by your particular race.  

Our inspectors are intimately familiar with the complicated and confusing safety regulations that stand between you and the starting line. Once your 100+ point Compliance Audit has been completed we will provide an itemized list of the required upgrades, equipment deficiencies, and a list of recommended work to ensure that you and your crew are not only offshore compliant, but equipped to succeed.  

Our services can include both procurement and installation of safety equipment, if necessary. We also have the resources to coordinate rentals of safety items including EPIRBs, Liferafts, PLBs, and other essential offshore gear.  Electronics procurement and installation can be coordinated by special request. 

                            SAFETY SERVICES 

Safety Audit w/ Report (up to 45' vessel) - $500

Safety Upgrades / Installation -  $50/hour 

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