Our 100% hassle-free provisioning service is provided as a lump sum, per person, per day price.  


We work directly with the captain and crew to establish a menu which includes three hearty meals a day, snacks, treats, beverages, a daily dessert, and even a celebratory adult beverage for your crew to toast the voyage at the halfway point!   


Your menu is carefully prepared taking into consideration the caloric, nutritional, and digestive requirements that are unique to an offshore race.  


Your crew will be provided with an online survey in order to determine special dietary restrictions, food preferences, and any special treats they may enjoy.

Once your menu is established, we will prepare your provisions for use. Our provisioning services can include stocking your boat's galley and freezer, which represents a significant time saving for the cook and crew. 

All meals will be provided with a custom menu and cooking instructions for easy preparation even in rough conditions. Entrees are typically heated from frozen in the oven, though some meals include boil-in bag items for quality, simplicity, speed, and minimal cleanup. 

If you wish to explore the option of freeze dried food, as preferred by some  weight sensitive race programs, we can tailor your menu to include those options.   

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