Standing Rigging Inspection.  


For sailing vessels in an offshore environment the mast and rigging is a critical area of stress and a major concern to insurance companies, as a dismasting is a possibility, especially in older vessels. If your sailing vessel is 10 years or older, an inspection of the mast, tangs, chain plates, swages, guys, shrouds, spreaders, turnbuckles and all other components of your mast and rigging will typically be required by your insurer as a condition of coverage.  


Our standard inspection is available at a cost of $10 per foot your boat's length overall (LOA) and meets all the requirments of the insurance companies.  Inspection requires two functional and safe halyards.  A rigging inspection report suitable for submission to your insurer will provided to you upon completion of the survey. 

Standing Rigging Inspection - Per foot LOA

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