360 Degree Virtual Reality Yacht Racing Experience

Brought to You Exclusively by COSS

COSS Brings you a 360 VR Ocean Racing Experience like never before!  Using just your modern smartphone and an inexpensive mobile headset like Google Cardboard, Homido, or Samsung Gear VR, you are launched into a Virtual Ocean Racing experience that feels so real you will want to put your foulies on! 

Subscribers will receive a 40 minute video for each race that includes some back story on the setup of the boat, the race start, and highlights from each day on the water.  We will bring you the full ocean racing experience so you can see what it is truly like to be on board for one of these iconic races.  At the helm in 30 knots of wind, on the bow changing spinnakers, wedged into the nav station plotting the course, or even cooking dinner while heeled at 25 degrees, all the glory, grief and grit of offshore racing will be on display.


Pre-race discounts are currently in effect. Order a Single Race for $45.00 or both Transpac and Fastnet for $75. We promise to pull no punches on the content!  If it gets ugly out there you are going to see it!  In the event that the content is not to your liking, we offer a full money back guarantee.  Our only goal is to produce a quality product so that we can keep bringing you the thrill of offshore racing right from the comfort of your home.  Please note we also offer gift certificates, as the perfect present for the sailor or adventurer who has everything!

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